cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan

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cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan
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Website Logos Design Ingredients
Website Logos Design Ingredients
cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan

Your logo is a key component in defining your business. Since it serves as the visual representation of your brand.

We recommend these ingredients for you

1- Simplicity

There is a saying that “simplicity is beauty”. It’s all about using minimum amount of colors and elements possible to produce a clean and uncluttered image that represents your brand.

2- Identifiable design

Your logo should be recognizable. Whether it is blown up to fit a billboard or shrunk to fit into an icon, it should always be identifiable.

3- Originality

A key factor to having a memorable logo is for it to be unique. If you’re going for a common shape, ask yourself what else you can do to make it different from the rest.

4- Clear message

Through your logo, you’re telling the public “This is who we are and this is what we do”. So everything from the shape down to the text should be able to reflect that. If you’re projecting a formal image, choose a formal font. If you’re a fun-loving organization, show this in the colors and typography of your logo.

5- Medium compatibility

Always remember that your logo will not only be used on your website, but on other mediums as well, including flyers, calling cards, promotional items, social media accounts, and billboards. What looks good on your computer screen might not translate well in printed form. So make sure that your logo is recognizable even in different formats.


Your key goal is to get your brand recognized by people, and that is exactly what your logo does. It gives people an image they can associate with when looking at your brand. So keep in mind to come up with a logo that represents who you are and what you have to offer. Over to you, what do you think constitutes a good logo design? See Some of logos that we designed

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