cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan

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cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan
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Create Your Video With CS-ASPIRATIONS
Create Your Video With CS-ASPIRATIONS
cs-aspirations: website design, Mobile apps Amman Jordan

With all great video content comes a great strategy. So, we will start with a verbal or written brief to find out the purpose and what you want to achieve, then set a plan of gathering all the information required for the project.

For interview or presenter based content, we find out what story you want to tell, who will front the camera and the question set or video messaging structure.

Another important element of strategy is to identify who your audience is, what action you want them to take after watching the video and what platform will they see the video.

We create an idea that will bring your message to life and script out the story you want to convey, or consult and storyboard with your own scripts. Then we create a detailed plan for how we’ll shoot and order the footage in a detailed schedule.

We also factor in your brand and ask for a style guide, as video content should be consistent across all your media platforms. What is your company tone in marketing and communications? What is most going to resonate with your target audience.

When working with clients for the first time, we can develop logos and templated animations such as name titles, which can be archived and used for future productions, so everything has a consistent look.

Perhaps you have seen other video examples that showcase the style you hope to achieve, send the links through and we will use this as creative inspiration, but ensure we come up with unique creative for your video content.

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